Miniature Casting

Artifactory3d offers a turn-key, start-to-finish miniature production pipeline for tabletop wargames and boardgames. We offer assistance with conception all the way through final production. For those with existing miniature lines or pre-designed digital character files, we’ll hop in where needed to help you produce the best game assets available. We can even updated or convert existing miniatures!

With our injection molded thermoplastics, we fabricate the highest quality miniatures with incredible detail in low or high volume. We service independent and early stage game designers as well as established miniature lines. Read more below to see our full capabilities and process!


Miniature Casting Process

Our casting process is a fully US based production that utilizes the most current advances in equipment technology and techniques. We produce high quality plastic pieces with rapid turnaround. We’ll even store your molds for fast, on-demand or as needed ordering! Turnaround Time: Our turnaround times are dependant on the volume requested and the number of molds required. Most projects will fit within the options below.

No Rush

4 weeks

Cost effective, 1 mold


2 weeks

Standard cost, 1-3 molds


1 week

+50% of cost, 3+ molds

Step 1 - Conceptualization

As the first step in the pipeline, Moddler can assist with helping bring your initial imaginations or early designs into focus. With early stage planning we gather information on your wants/needs to help determine the the requirements and provide the best production route with customized solutions catered towards your goals. In many cases, having a pre-determined production strategy can significantly increase success, reduce risk and offer an easier path forward later down the pipeline. For designers using Kickstarter or Patreon we can help determine costs, marketing materials, and assets required to help set effective goals or pricing.

We will outline factors such as:

  • 2D & 3D Asset/Character Design
  • AssessmentQuantities
  • Cost Estimates
  • Kickstarter Goal
  • Moldability and Production requirements

Step 2 - Design

Great games require great designs! With our many years in miniature production and tabletop gaming we have honed in on the requirements, constraints, and factors that make for top quality minis. Our skilled concept artists and digital sculptors can help build your designs from scratch, or modify existing designs to create production ready assets. For those with existing characters or miniature lines and are looking to update or convert to plastic from pewter, we can 3d scan your existing physical game pieces to allow for further digital manipulation and easily hop back into production. We take into account nuance such as paintability, quick detail read at scale, moldability, dynamic poses and balance when bringing your designs to life!

Design services we offer:

  • Character concept art
  • 3d character design
  • 3d scanning for miniature conversion or updates
  • Production ready assets

Step 3 - Master Fabrication & Low Volume Production

Once the 3d character designs are completed, we produce the final 3d printed masters, ready for molding. If desired we can fabricate validation models for your review. These are great to check playability, paintability, and overall look.

We utilize the top 3d printing equipment to produce the highest resolution models available to ensure the final models are the highest detail achievable.

For those needing low volume, we can utilize sophisticated 3d printing resins to provide final use playable assets.

  • High resolution masters
  • Prototypes/validation models
  • Low Volume final models

Step 4 - Mold Making & Production Casting

With our specialized production equipment and modern process we combine the perks of injection and RTV molding processes. This achieves high throughput, great quality and reduced limitations on designs. The design flexibility and detail achievable has never been better! High throughput allows for order quantities ranging from 100x to 10,000x. Using 3d printed masters, we create single character or family molds. Molds typically house 5-32 cavities depending on character scale. Average mold life-time is 400 shots. Once the molds are created, for a small yearly fee we can store your molds for on demand or as needed ordering. This allows for us to quickly and more affordably produce additional repeat pieces for you at any desired quantity.
  • Quantities 100x – 10,000x
  • ‘On demand’ or ‘as needed’ orders

Step 5 - Dispatch

Once the order is completed, we safely package all pieces and you will be notified they are ready.

Shipping options include:

  • Domestic USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days)
  • Domestic FedEx Overnight
  • Worldwide – International shipping

    Tracking info will be provided.