3D Scanning

For those needing a 3d file of an existing object, Artifactory3d’s experienced staff can help with 3d scanning all sorts of parts, for a variety of uses.

Send us some images of your part to [email protected] or upload it via our quote form and we will send you a quote.

We can generate 3d scans for the following applications:

  • Mesh output for CAD conversion to be further edited or used in manufacturing
  • Replicating an existing object using 3d printing
  • 3d files for on screen visualization
  • Preservation of archeological or historic items

Available Scanning Technologies

Artec Space Spider

Our Artec Space Spider is perfect for capturing small to medium sized objects with fine detail that require high precision. With accuracy up to 0.05 MM we can capture scans of most objects and surfaces.

We offer capture, alignment, and artifact removal.

  • Output: OBJ, STL, or PLY
  • Color/Texture: Available upon request
  • Resolution: Up to 0.1 MM
  • Accuracy: Up to 0.05 MM
  • Part Size: 2”- 2′
  • Turnaround: 2-3 days per object


Photogrammetry is great for scanning medium to large objects. Using high end cameras we can capture a series of images that are triangulated and stitched together to produce a highly accurate 3d scans. Anything from small objects to large rooms can be scanned.

  • Output: OBJ, STL, or PLY
  • Color/Texutre: Yes
  • Resolution: Up to 0.1MM
  • Accuracy: 0.1 MM – 20 MM depending on size.
  • Object size: Any
  • Turnaround: 1 week +


Complexity of the object, surface finish, and the needed file output are factors that determine the cost of scanning. Scanning starts at $500.

Additional Scanning Changes

Powder or Matte coating:

Reflective, Metallic Luster, or Transparent surfaces are difficult to capture and often require a powder or matte spray coating. Depending on the needs for the project, we offer a removable powder or matte coating that can be washed or wiped off after scanning.

Post-scan processing:

For projects requiring basic file modifications or detailed file clean up we offer digital modification and post-scan processing to help get your files in a final state. We do not offer CAD conversion at this time.

Texture output:

We can output color/texture maps to accompany any of our scans if desired.